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Living life on your own terms and to the best of your abilities is important at every age. Live Free Home Health Care helps people live the life they want, while receiving the care and assistance they need. Let us start you on your care journey.

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At Live Free, we provide compassionate, proactive care planning and management, and all care is supervised by nurses to ensure your satisfaction.

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As a full service home health care agency, we offer a wide range of non-medical home care services and clinical nursing care for all your care needs.

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Specialty Care

All our nurses and caregivers are highly trained and experienced in caring for individuals with a broad range of special needs and conditions.

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It’s common to have many questions when researching your New Hampshire home health care options. We’ll help you find the answers you need here.

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Senior Care Articles

Stages of Alzheimer's

Help for Alzheimer’s Caregivers: What to Expect from Each Stage

June 27, 2017

Comparable to the changing of the seasons, the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can be marked by a variety of particular differentiators. And although each individual experiences the condition distinctly, there ...

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Is It Alzheimer’s, or Just Normal Aging? Live Free Home Health Care Has the Answers.

June 8, 2017

Misplacing the keys to your car. Forgetting the name of someone you know you’ve met before. Mistakenly thinking it’s Wednesday when it’s Tuesday. Might these be red flags of Alzheimer’s ...

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Jump Into Action to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Arthritis

May 25, 2017

It can be a never-ending pattern: the recurring discomfort of arthritis intensifies levels of stress and anxiety, which can then actually further aggravate the pain of arthritis. If deliberate steps ...

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